How to Remove TorqueCover Malware

TorqueCover is malware that is usually connected with the distribution of free software on the Internet. Just as the name implies, this adware automatically displays advertisements on your computer through the web browser so as to bring income for its publisher and distribution partners. You may receive fake and misleading information during your browsing activities after your computer has been infected. This TorqueCover adware claims that it can enhance your web browsing and online shopping experience by offering various discounts, deals and coupons. What it brings to the computer users, however, are only a number of computer problems and privacy issues.

Remove TorqueCover adware

Due to the malicious adware, you keep seeing many annoying ads which include banners ads, coupon popups, pop-over, pop-unders and inline text-link ads. Another method that TorqueCover can take to get into your computer is bundled with some “freeware” programs which seems to be able to offer attractive features. Once getting into your computer, it changes the browser, network and system settings immediately so that it won’t be removed easily by the simple uninstall from the Control Panel. It will also change your security settings by lowering them. The adware has been criticized because it is able to track your personal information and pass the collected data to the ad-networks and publisher without your authorization. In order to protect your computer and your personal privacy, you should remove TorqueCover completely from your computer.

Common symptoms of “ads by TorqueCover” adware:

  • Excessive pop-up and banner coupons appearing on the shopping websites you visit.
  • It invades your privacy such as accessing your behavior on all websites and accessing your browsing activity.
  • You browser crashes unexpectedly after installing TorqueCover adware.
  • Popup comparisons for TorqueCover appearing when you select items in an online shop.

If you see unwanted ads in your browser or in some cases ads that are surrounded by a box that attributes the ad to TorqueCover then most likely you are infected. Please take the steps below to remove this immediately. The adware is not very harmful by itself (other than completely annoying) although there is a very high risk that it may deliver a link that can point you to malicious web sites or use malvertising to inject malware. Adware publishers are using every aspects of advertising scheme to deploy malware and spread it quickly. The best way to remove this malware as well as other hidden malware for good is to do it automatically. In this way, you don’t need to know anything about how the computer works and the most important thing is that you don’t need to take the risk to delete system files and cause further damage to your system.

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How to Remove “TorqueCover” Malware

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