How to Remove smileex Malware

smileex is a malware programs whosy publisher bills it as a product to save your money by helping you buy items online at discounted prices. Unfortunately this malware does nothing more then infect your PC’s web browser with unwanted advertisements (banners, popups, popunders, text-links and more) . This adware is associated with malicious online publishers and focuses on attracting users to earns commission from each purchase made by its users as well as each advertising it serves up. Once infected, the adware plugin will display unwanted ads within the browser by overwriting legitimate ads on the underlying web page or injecting new banners, videos and other forms of malvertising. Accepting any of these ads can lead to high-risk malware infections as many of them promote software that downloads and installs other malware and adware.

Ads by smileex malware

The smileex adware plugin is a potentially unwanted program that gets into your computer while being bundled with other software. It is an ad supported product and will show you advertisements as you browse the web. It’s an adware that injects tons of advertisements displayed on the websites while you are browsing the Internet. Once infected, you will notice these ads when you visit popular shopping websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and most other popular sites including non-shopping sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of these ads is to promote various products and services through coupon offers or other discounts. However, the way smileex reaches your system and the fact that it uses this annoying method of displaying ads while you are doing normal activity on your system makes it unwanted application. In addition this adware tracks most of your web browsing history and reports it back to its ad serving network in order to serve up other types of ads. While we watched this adware we saw it injecting ads for very shading products such as PC optimizers as well as ‘important’ upgrades of drivers and Flash. When clicking on these ads additional adware and PUPs where installed on the computer. However, the most troubling part of the smileex adware is that it associates with ad networks that slip in or are infected through malvertising campaigns which exploit security holes in the browser to inject malware including Ransomware in some cases. Once smileex is installed on your computer it can be very difficult to remove. We put together an easy-to-follow guide below that shows how you can remove this malware from your computer and protect against threats.

smileex will also display pop-up advertisements, in-text ads and as you use your browser (infects Firefox, Chrome and IE), it will show coupons and other “deals” available on many websites for products that are distributed through shady merchants. Not only does it hijack the browser and settings, it hijacks visited websites by injecting its own advertising over the web site’s legitimate ads. When installed, the smileex browser plugin will display advertising banners on the web pages that you are visiting, stating that they are brought to you by “smileex” or “Ads by smileex“.

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How to Remove “smileex” Malware

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