How to Remove GraphiteGrips Malware

GraphiteGrips is a deceptive malware program and browser addon that causes numerous problems and is known to get onto your computer without permission. After it installs, the malware tracks your browsing history and activity and generates pop-ups and banner advertisements in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer in order to generate revenue for the malware publisher and distribution network. Furthermore, the GraphiteGrips malware never downloads by itself and is usually installed alongside third-party programs through a bundles installer along with other malware, adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

Remove Ads by GraphiteGrips malware

This malware injects and displays advertisements in your web browser which include banners, coupons, popups and text-links. While most of the ads are not dangerous, these are an issue because it means that it is collecting your browsing habits including activities, bookmarks, and history to specifically target ads based off these surfing habits. In addition, some of the ads it displays are scams and try to get you to install additional adware and malware for things like fake browsers and PC optimizers. Even though GraphiteGrips is not a virus, it is malware in its activities are malicious in nature. In addition this being installed is a sure sign that other malware and adware was installed on your PC and you are infected. Since GraphiteGrips is known to download and install alongside third-party malware, malicious files, and additional potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), including other adware it will be necessary to uninstall multiple programs and remove multiple browser add-ons and extensions in order to stop all unwanted activities. Apart from manually removing the program and others that it is bundled with, malware files may remain undetected.

GraphiteGrips was most certainly installed without adequate consent or even your knowledge and was most likely installed as a bundle, piggybacked from freeware that uses a download installer to bundle additional adware or PUPs such as this. Free downloadable software includes freeware, shareware, torrents, and more. If you do not wish to consciously install freeware may be given the opportunity to accept or decline an offer to install GraphiteGrips adware and other programs during the installation process; The request to decline this malware from installing is often ignored by the installer or displayed to you in a very confusing manner and the malware will install anyway.

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How to Remove “GraphiteGrips” Malware

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