How to Remove DigitalExecute Malware

DigitalExecute is an unwanted malware program that displays online advertising on your computer. Clicking on one of the many DigitalExecute banner or text-link ads and you’ll be redirected to the websites and products the ad is marketing. However, in many cases the ad will show you adverts for one thing and you’ll be sent to a website that’s promoting something entirely different – possibly even drive-by-malware.

Remove DigitalExecute malware

The other thing that this adware does is to collect data about your browsing habits. The program installs a component on your computer which tracks the websites you visit and records which products or pages you are looking at as well as your geographic location. This enables the adware publisher to show you “Ads by DigitalExecute” that more closely, or even exactly, match the items you are showing an interest in based on your surfing behavior. It is because of these characteristics, and the fact that this adware installs itself surreptitiously on your computer that this adware is dangerous. On the plus side, if you’ve been infected by adware, you’ll know about it because  it’s pretty obvious that the adverts you’re seeing are tailored towards your recent searches and in some cases are completely out of place and also may signify that they are part of the adware infection. And if you’re being bombarded with DigitalExecute pop-up ads, then there is really no mistaking the fact you have malware on your computer.

The problem is that because the adware is constantly monitoring your web usage and relaying data back to the ad network and distributor it is using up valuable system resources and your Internet connection. Because it uses your own internet connection to send the data, it may also slow your Internet speeds down or cause your web browser to continually crash. It can also disrupt other programs running on your computer and cause conflicts with them. Also to note, it may be relaying other dangerous malware traffic such as botnet data.

For the most part there are two ways that DigitalExecute installs itself. The most common of these is by bundling, meaning that the adware is packaged with another program, mostly freeware. You download and install program only to find that you’ve also downloaded and installed adware. The slightly less common method is by drive by installation – when you’ve visited a website which has been compromised by DigitalExecute adware. The adware takes advantage of any exploits in your browser to install the adware.

DigitalExecute is a problem and you’d be quite right in thinking that you should protect yourself from this form of malware. Firstly, download an anti-malware program, and second be careful when you’re downloading programs and make sure you read the small print so you know exactly what you’re installing and never accept to install other software. To remove this adware and stop Ads by DigitalExecute, please follow the steps in the removal guide below.

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How to Remove “DigitalExecute” Malware

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